Reinhart Mundt


Artistic space concepts and realisation

Photo: Sculpture "Spannung" Side viewThe triad of architecture, art and nature has been a requirement for a successful space development ever since. With this each culture and each epoch found its own emphasis paying attention to the human beings’ needs and the time itself. Today it is more and more a matter of creating spaces within this busy and mostly urbanised life, in which every human being can experience peace, meditation and inspiration.

Our work is obliged to this idea. Together with architects, city planers and private investors we develop concepts in which e.g.

Photo: Sculpture "Spannung" Front viewWith this we turn our attention to the patterns of nature – the seasons and the growing of plants – in order to bring them close to today’ s human beings and to make them a source of power.

In connection with natural as well as architectural structures an existing space becomes a total art work and, in the best sense of the word, a living space with the observing, experiencing and creative human in its centre.