Reinhart Mundt

KALPA, introduction


Kalpa is a Sanskrit-word and means something like ´worldsyear´or ´cycle of menkind´. I created this form out of indian philosophy in 1994.

As the essence of this cycles, what we can recognise in many lifeprocesses seems for me to be the changes of the proportions of the potential spiritual space to the manifestation in the cyclic time.

When we read the KALPA like a clock, it shows us at the beginning of the cycle an apparent unlimited potential in the free space and very little manifestation in form of matter. In a cyclic turn of 360 degrees the free space and potential develops from 100 to 0 %, the manifestation in the same time from 0 to 100 %. At the end of the KALPA the relation of both had changed completely in favour of the matter: the creative playing-field became so small, that the manifestation seems enormous, unsteerable and cause of it self. That what was shown in the beginning as a easy, joyfull and apparent timeless game, shows us at the end a dramatic entangling of unsteerable consequences. The collectiv experience of enormous time-acceleration in our days (”I don´t have any time!”) is clear visible at the spiral going steeper and steeper to the center of the KALPA. The former free being confuses with its own products and sees it self more and more surrendered by space and time. In the climax of material entangling and increasing of valuedecline the messengers of the new morning get slowly visible to announce the beginning of the cycle.

”When you look at the new morning, don´t forget that time is an illusion and within your own projection - maybe a great vision.”

In this sense/meaning I understand the KALPA as a message not to identify to much with our own and collectiv manifestations and to see each of us as a potential free Spiritual Beings and to improve the self-responsibility (Selbstbestimmtheit).

The KALPA is a timeless sign of eternal cyclic change.

Reinhart Mundt
(KALPA is a copyrighted mark.)